The 12 Volt Car Audio System

A 12 volt car audio system needs to be installed and wired properly in order to work as best it can in your vehicle.

The system can be used to install a new audio component to an existing stereo, replace a malfunctioning one or to upgrade a system to one that better suits your needs. Whatever reason you have for installing, you will need to either have it professionally installed or do it yourself. Doing it yourself is not too difficult; you just have to follow instructions carefully. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the system or you can check a number of websites on the Internet to ensure you are doing it properly.

The first thing you will need to install a 12 volt car audio system is a set of tools. These items should be gathered and at the ready before starting. You will need a knife or wire cutters, solder and solder gun, crimps, stripper, screwdriver and screws. These tools will help the installation go a lot smoother. You will also need a plan of attack as to where everything will go. Map out where the 12 volt car audio system will be placed and any additional components as well as the speakers. This will help ensure you have everything organized and ready to go for the install.

The 12 volt car audio system power cord should be routed from the battery to the passenger side of the car to the amplifier, usually placed in the trunk. Because the battery is typically found on the passenger’s side, this will make the installation a lot easier. Then, the signal cables will be routed on the driver’s side from the head unit to the amplifier. The amplifier will need to be ground to a metal surface no more than eighteen inches from the amplifier.

The radio will need to be connected to a 12 volt source, grounded, connected to the antenna, and connected to the amplifier. The speakers should then be connected to the system. Once you have all your components installed, you can test out your 12 volt car audio system to ensure it is working. If it is not, you will need to back track and double check each connection to be sure it was installed correctly. If you are not comfortable with the installation process or comfortable working with electrical wiring, you may want to invest in having a professional install it.

12 Volt Car Audio

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