Big Car Engines

Big car engines are new concepts in the field of automobiles. They are successful in addressing certain issues which smaller car engines were not able to.

Passion is riding high and car lovers are looking for big cars that can produce higher horsepower to support their fantasy.

But what do we actually mean by big car engines? You see, there are big cars that produce lower horsepower but have better torque production; and at the same time, there are racing cars, which have lower torque production but produce higher horsepower. The reason for this difference is the shape and structure of the engine in cars having bigger sized engines. The cylinders have a long stroke that produce larger torque. However, in racing cars, the stroke length is short, but the diameter of the cylinder is more, and therefore, higher horsepower is produced.

Big car engines are required in general cars to pull load and heavy materials. It is clear that to pull a big load, you need higher production of torque, and this torque is produced by the amount of pressure that the ignited fuel applies to the face of the car engine's piston. However, in racing cars, we need more horsepower, which is generated by RPM of the engine. The big engines used in general cars can't reach more than 2,000 RPM, and therefore, the horsepower is rated as lower.

Effects of big car engines

No wonder that utility vehicles are making inroads in the markets of automobile with the salient feature of big cars that can generate power to pull heavy load; but at the same time, the fuel consumption of these cars is higher. This adds up to the already problematic issue of increase in the fuel price, and many countries are thinking of controlling the sale of big car engine powered vehicles. Some of them have higher tax rates than smaller cars!

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