Blitz Car Audio

Blitz Car Audio sells installation kits, mobile video,

speakers, subwoofers and woofers, audio enclosures, amplifiers, crossovers and equalizers, and power capacitors. Everything listed is what you would need if you were to decide you wanted to enter a competition. Not only do they offer the basics and some of the enhancements, they also manufacture and sell LED, or light emitting diode, and neon lighting products. Blitz’s line of car audio products will amaze you in the detail that they put into their items. Each item will enhance the value of your audio system and your vehicle.

These products are very popular with people who like car audio systems. The Blitz car audio line of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers are currently some of the nicest out on the market today. Their speakers range in sizes from three and a half inch LED lighted speakers to six inch by nine inch LED lit speakers. The lighting on these speakers is on the entire time that the car is in use, and is not safe if you are sensitive to lights in the car when it is night. The line of amplifiers offers many choices. You can choose the wattage you want from a Blitz car audio system and whether or not you want LED lighting on it. The only thing with choosing the LED lit amplifiers is the fact that they only come in blue. Their subwoofers come in two sizes, ten inches and twelve inches. However, they have a wide range of subwoofer enclosures that will enhance the boom.

Equalizers and crossovers are also offered on the Blitz car audio website and by authorized retailers. Their equalizers come with lighting, and they offer a model that will fit in your dashboard. This way you can control the way your music and bass sounds. The Blitz car audio crossover networks come with LED lighting to tell you that it’s on, and come with a remote control. Another fun enhancement that Blitz offers for their car audio systems is neon lighting. They manufacture and sell neon light rings for your speakers, and neon light rods that are activated by sound. The light rods can be set to simply be on, or they can flash with the beat.

Their items come with a one year warranty that their products will be malfunction free. However, if the product does malfunction, they will fix or replace your item as long as you provide everything to prove that you bought it and the money for return shipping and handling. No matter what your car audio needs may be, Blitz Car Audio has what you need.

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