Blue tooth car stereo

A blue tooth car stereo provides a lot of convenience. Thanks to bluetooth technology, you can pair your car CD player with your cellphone and use your car stereo system as a hands-free speakerphone.

So instead of talking directly through your phone's microphone and listening through its speakers, everything happens on your car's audio system. You can toss that cell phone into your bag or briefcase and continue your conversation. Isn't this cool? It's both hands-free and hassle-free.

You can choose between a blue tooth car stereo or a wireless car kit with blue tooth. These car kits come with a highly stylized "communications control panel" that must be installed into your car's dashboard.

The panel looks similar to the panel on a regular car radio. It has various volume buttons that allow you to easily adjust and control volume.

The Motorola HF850 Wireless car kit with bluetooth is a popular choice for many enthusiasts.

You should be able to get a great deal on a bluetooth stereo online, easily.

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