Car Audio Cables

Car audio cables are specially designed wires that carry the electrical signals throughout the audio components of an automobile.

The cables may carry the signal from the car stereo with a built-in amplifier or an external amplifier, to the audio speakers. Cables differ from standard electrical wiring primarily by the materials used to make them. Normally, cables used for car audio are produced with higher quality conductors, insulation and connectors than standard electrical cables. The function of these high quality cables is to improve electrical signal strength, while reducing noise. This improves the overall quality of a car’s stereo system. Because the speakers are considered the most important aspect of a car’s sound system, it is important that the cables supplying their power will allow them to accurately recreate the original sound. With the rise in popularity of bass driven sound systems and car audio competitions, most serious car audio buffs will use these high quality cables.

The producers of car audio cables are highly competitive and many hours and dollars are committed in research and development of engineering these products. The conductors, or the actual wire, are primarily made of common metals such as copper, silver, tin and nickel. Advanced car audio cables may be produced with gold, allowing the signal to travel with minimal distortion or disruption. Standard wires usually contain minimal insulation provided by the plastic sheath around the wires. This prevents the wires from short-circuiting against one another but can cause the energy of the electrical current to be reduced. Audio cables for cars can be constructed of Teflon, the most non energy reducing material available, ensuring that maximum signal flows throughout the wires.

Rather than connecting a raw wire with a connector, the cables will usually plug into the components that they are supplying power to. Car audio cables can be purchased at most car stereo and electronics stores. Cables can also be found, often at a lower cost, by shopping online and having them shipped you your home. The major manufacturers of car audio cables are also the producers of most popular car audio systems: Alpine, Delphi, Sony, JL Audio and others. However, lower priced, generic brands can also be found such as RCA and Realistic. The price for car audio cables can vary greatly, depending on quality and manufacturer. Prices on cables can be seen as low as fifteen dollars and go as high as two hundred dollars.

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