Car Audio Competition - major competitions

A car audio competition seems to be growing more popular as technology increases.

These events can have prizes that range from small extras for your car to thousands of dollars to add even more to your sound system. Most major cities have a form of competition and the finals occur in Kansas City, Missouri and Cleveland, Ohio. These finals offer trophies and money as their grand prizes. The following venues are the major competitions and have their own internet sites dedicated to their information and locations.

The largest competition is the USAC which stands for the United States Autosound Competition is held in over twenty states and Canada year round. The rules for this car audio competition vary from section to section, and they are strict in their enforcement of them. Another competition is the IASCA, or International Auto Sound Challenge Association. The IASCA holds audio competitions in twenty seven countries around the globe including the United States. They have two competition classes with three divisions in each. There are the Sound Quality (SQ) and Sound Pressure Level (SPL) classes, with their divisions being rookie to ultimate. With these two major competitions, you won’t have a hard time finding a class that you can fit into.

MECA, or the Mobile Electronics Competition Association, is another of these widely known car audio competition areas. MECA’s events are held within the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom and other countries. MECA also has the same classes of Sound Quality and Sound Pressure Levels and have more than one division for you to fit into. The fourth car audio competition is the SLAP, or Sound Looks and Performance. The SLAP Association’s events happen all over the United States. It is not hard to find one of their events in a city near where you live.

Finally, there is the dB Drag Racing Association. This form of car audio competition is exactly what it sounds like, a “race” for the top system that happens side by side at the event. The dB Drag Racing events happen around the world. There are the 2x and 3x tournaments, meaning the points are doubled and tripled for those who win. Each event is held in a different city, and there can be multiple events happening at once. They have fifteen articles in their rule book and you need to read and understand the rule book before you can be allowed to compete. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is a car audio competition that will suit you and your system.

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