Car Audio Speaker Enclosure

The theory behind a car audio speaker enclosure is that if you put a speaker within a box that is specifically made for it,

the sound quality will increase. This may be true, but the majority of the people who purchase these boxes want to increase the sound of their bass without having to add another amplifier to their vehicle. Each speaker or subwoofer that you want to place in a speaker enclosure needs to be built to specifications for that certain piece according to the manufacturer. There are four kinds of boxes: Sealed, Ported, Bass Reflex, and Acoustic Suspension and they are what manufacturers would classify as direct radiator boxes.

When you build or purchase a car audio speaker enclosure, the most important thing to remember is that the box itself needs to be air tight unless you decide to make or purchase a model that is vented to keep wiring from overheating. When you begin to consider making a box, you need to ensure that you have all of the right tools and products to make your seams and seals air tight. You can find all of what you will need for the box, save the electrical nodes, at a cabinet making shop or hardware store. The box needs to be an appropriate size for the speaker that you are going to be placing in it, and you need to remember that the box is to help remove distortion from the sound that you will be producing.

With the sealed and vented models of the car audio speaker enclosure, the speaker faces forward in order to direct the sound coming from it in the direction that it is pointed. However, with a bandpass or coupled cavity box, the speaker is pointed sideways. Both of these models of car audio speaker enclosure are made up of more than one box, and can be difficult to make if you are a beginner in woodworking, but can be purchased from online stores. These boxes should be light weight so that you can move them should you need to, and should be good looking in case you want to display the car audio speaker enclosure. There are five main materials that you can use to make your box, some better than other. Medium density fiberboard and polycarbonate (Lexan) are lightweight and look

good in the back of any car. Plywood boxes filled with sand and formed concrete are two types of boxes that are not for the faint at heart when it comes to carrying heavy weights. Finally, there is Aerolam that is used to make the floors in airplanes, but can be hard to come by.

You can pick and choose how you want to build your car audio speaker enclosure, or you can look online and in catalogs to find one that will suit your needs. Remember that they need to be light weight and well damped. Then you can set about customizing your car audio system the way you want it.

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