Car audio speaker - what to choose

A car audio speaker captures sound and reproduces it. Each speaker is designed to reproduce certain frequencies. The

smaller the speaker, the higher the frequencies it can reproduce. Bigger speakers are better at reproducing those lower frequencies.

The smallest type of speakers are called tweeters. They are designed to play high frequencies between approximately 3500 Hz to as high as 20,000 Hz. That would vary depending on the particular tweeter.

When you need to reproduce some bass or low frequencies, you need a different type of car audio speaker. I'm referring to midbasses and subwoofers. Midbasses play around 50 Hz to 500 Hz, while subwoofers can handle frequencies below 120 to 60 Hz.

Midranges produce those in-between frequencies. Between 500 Hz to about 4500 Hz. Again, these figures are approximate. It all depends on your specific tweeter. But this is a guide that you can follow.

Since no speaker can accurately reproduce all frequencies, you need different types of speakers. You should be able to find a wide range online easily.

You can get free shipping on a wide selection of 2-way speakers, 3-way speakers, component speaker systems, mid-range speakers, mid-bass speakers, tweeters, horn loaded compression drivers, subwoofers, and so on.

You can order you car speakers online today.

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