Car CD Players - Buyer's Guide

With so many good car CD players available online, driving has never been better. Who wants to drive and not hear their favorite music playing in the background, or not be able to blast their favorite music all along the way?

It's nice to have one that features CD/CD-R/RW playback. Such CD players ensure that you can play just about any CD. Nowadays, everyone has CDs that are not original, and hence the need for these car CD players.

Then there are those that come with tuners that have quite a few presets. This is very convenient and means that at the touch of a button, you can tune to your favorite radio stations. Some of them have a feature called BTM (Best Tuning Memory) that helps you find stations with the strongest signals in a matter of seconds.

Although there are many types of car CD players available today, I'm sure you want one that offers features that you can feel proud of and truly be happy with. How about a band equalizer that let's you listen to your music just the way you like it? You can add more bass, mids and treble; it's up to you. Please yourself and enjoy some good music.

Car stereo equipment have always been prone to theft. It's nice to know that measures have been put in place to take care of this. With a theft-deterring detachable faceplate, you won't have to worry about your CD player being stolen. This feature adds additional security to your car stereo system.

Many car CD players come with rear preamp outputs that allow you to add an external subwoofer or amp to your car stereo. Now you can have the heavy sound and road-thumping bass that you need.

No matter what model or make of vehicle you own, you can find a CD player online very quickly, easily and at a great price. Brands include Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Kenwood, Audiovox, JVC and Aiwa, and the list goes on.

Just ensure that you know exactly what your needs are, and choose a CD player that has the features you're looking for.


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