Car DVD Changer

A car DVD changer will give you much more than a single disc DVD player. You will be able to load up to ten DVDs all at once

depending on the changer you choose. You can use your remote to select whatever you want and play random movies or music videos in an instant. And you do not even need a separate car CD player or car MP3 player. Your car DVD changer supports CDs and MP3s as well.

Choose one that comes with an anti-shock floating mechanism. The best DVD/CD changers come with a floating suspension, so there's no need to worry about annoying disc skipping. You will be able to enjoy hours of uninterrupted music and movies.

Another feature I like is one where the DVD changer skips over empty slops. So instead of trying to access a non-existent disc, the DVD/CD changer learns which slots are empty and automatically skips over them, accessing only the discs that are actually loaded. This is another time saving device. Forget about DVD changers that waste time and try to access DVDs that do not exist.

When choosing a car DVD changer you must have a clear idea of where and how it will be mounted. Changers like the Panasonic

CX-DH801U are so compact that they fit in many glove compartments or even under a seat. Installation of this DVD changer is very simple. You can mount it upright, horizontally, or at three more selectable angles. Less-compact DVD/CD changers would have to be installed in the trunk of your vehicle.

Now you can load up a variety of movies and music and hit the road with hours or even days of multimedia entertainment. You can take your in-car entertainment to a higher level by visiting our merchants and ordering a DVD changer of your choice.

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