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Quality car engine information is always helpful in understanding the true value of your car.

Most present day cars use four stroke engines to get power for movement, with the help of an internal combustion system. It takes four stages to generate the power required to move the car. Sometimes it is also called the Otto cycle - named after the person who invented it, i.e., Nikolaus Otto. The process is a continuous and repeating one. However, the four stages involved in a series are:

  • Intake
  • Compression
  • Combustion
  • Exhaust

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    The first stroke, i.e. intake, involves the opening of the intake valve so as to allow air to mix with the gasoline present inside. The piston moves down and the maximum intake is allowed, and then the valve closes.


    Upward movement of piston compresses the mixture of gasoline and air to generate the energy.


    When presenting car information, this is perhaps the most important aspect. As the piston reaches the top, the spark plug ignites the mixture with a spark. This results in the bursting of the cylinder and combustion starts, providing power to the car.


    The exhaust valve is opened so as to lead out the burnt ash out of the cylinder. This will happen when the piston goes back to the top.

    Car engine information is not restricted to understanding the four cycles. There are more things that one needs to know about, such as the maintenance and repair of the car engine. The car engine is perhaps the most important part of the car, and the more car engine information you have, the more you know about your car! Most modern cars and automobiles have enhanced features incorporated in their engines, which make them suitable to the demands of the automobile market.

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