Car Engine Mount

A car engine mount secures the motor to the vehicle chassis and also prevents the motor from crashing into the fenders.

However, sometimes the car engine mount itself can face a problem, i.e. it can be worn out or broken, and therefore require replacement, so that it can function properly. The indications that you will notice if the mount is broken include:

  • It will produce weird vibrations during acceleration
  • You will notice knocking noise while driving
  • You may also face odd behaviour of the shifter

    These are some of the common problems that will indicate that there is something wrong with the car engine mount. To avoid all these things, it is better to use rubber engine mounts. But this is not a lifetime solution, as during the time periods these are also worn out and are required to be replaced.

    To replace the engine mount, it is necessary to know its exact location. Generally, it is located at the end of the metal links which bolts the engine block, though it can be on either side.

    Also, it is always advisable to disconnect the battery while replacing a car engine mount. Otherwise, an accident may occur as the task is performed near the starter motor, and it is possible that the terminals of the battery can be touched by mistake.

    It can be clearly seen that when replacing a car engine mount there needs to be lots of precaution on your part. However, if you are not sure whether or not you can put it up, it is good to seek professional help from a good mechanic. A faulty or mismatch car engine mount will not work properly and you will face problems in the functioning of your car, or you may face problems in the engine itself, and have to pay a fortune for repair.

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