Stop Car Engine Overheating

Car engine overheating is one of the most potent and commonly occurring problems in engines,

and it is perhaps one of those which will cause the most immediate malfunctioning of your engine! Overheating often occurs if the car is running under high temperature conditions like in extreme summers. But in most cases, bad quality coolant or deficiency of the proper coolant is the root cause for such a problem.

How to control car engine overheating

Car engine overheating can be controlled by taking the following steps. However, if you are not sure that you can control it yourself, it is better to seek the services of a professional:

* Firstly, examine the level of the coolant in the cooling system, and if it is low, it should be raised to the proper limits. However, while checking, one should keep in mind that the radiator cap should not be removed while the engine is running, for it may cause damage as the hot fluid suddenly escapes from the radiator. You should keep this in mind, as instinctively, persons open the radiator cap and tend to forget to take precaution while checking for car engine overheating.

* Check whether the radiator hoses and connections are in good condition, and whether there is some leakage or cracks. If there is leakage or cracks, replacement is required.

* Check the condition of the thermostat connected to the upper hose of the radiator - it regulates the flow of coolant and if it is in a bad condition, the cooling system will not function properly. This may be the reason you are facing the problem of car engine overheating.

Most of the time, big engines running in extreme hot conditions face the problem of overheating. A good cooling system is the only treatment that you can work on beforehand. It ensure long running of the vehicle without getting overheated!

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