Solving Car Engine Problems

The engine is the most vital part so it must be problem free.

But sadly, car engine problems are quite prevalent due to various reasons. These include neglect by the owner, improper maintenance of car engine, and prolonged and faulty use of the car while driving. Most car engine problems can be avoided with some protective measures, or at least the effect of these problems can be minimized. So it is always advisable to check the condition of the car engine before starting it, i.e. whether it is clean, oil level is full or not, etc.

Car engine problems are the main reasons for heavy repair and maintenance bills and these are constant headaches for car owners. You can avoid these heavy bills if you care to do a little work yourself. The amount saved is considerable and you may enjoy the work also!

How to avoid car engine problems

Below are some things that you can address to avoid common car engine problems:

* It is better to check the oil after changing it when you have test-driven the vehicle. If it becomes black, some serious problem may exist and a proper diagnosis of the problem is required to get rid of it.

* To check an oil leak, look under the front of the car, since major sources of leakage are valve covers, front and rear engine seals, or oil pan. Any oil mark is considered to be a good indication of an engine problem. So look thoroughly for these marks.

* Checking the motor oil is also a good practice, so as to avoid engine problems.

* Start the engine and allow it to gain operating temperatures, and then increase the speed. If increase in speed results in some knocking or ticking noises, serious car engine problems could be present, which require costly repairs.

Car Engine Buying Guide

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