Car Engine Sounds and Problems

Car engine sounds are somewhat deceptive in their nature. They can either mislead or indicate the problems and troubles that are present in the car engine. You do not need to be a qualified mechanic to attune your ears to car engine sounds. If you know and detect the basic sounds, you can anticipate a car engine problem and avoid it before it worsens. Problems which certainly lead to considerable repair and time wastage.

A sound coming out of your car's engine is a significant indication of some problem, and immediate repair is required, as it may lead to a serious problem. However, diagnosing a problem with respect to the type of sound is a task of experience. The more informed one is about the technical features and functions of the car engine, the better one's ability to recognize the car engine sound and diagnose problems.

Below are some common car engine sounds:

* Click - slightly sharp noise relating to the engine speed. Caused due to loose or bent fan blade, loose wheel cover, or low engine oil.

* Clunk - frequent thumping sound, caused due to loose shock absorber, loose muffler, or exhaust pipe.

* Knocking - pounding and rhythmic sound, which is caused by worn crankshaft or connecting rod bearings. This is perhaps the most frequent car engine sound that one can notice in the car engines.

* Rumbling - rhythmic and low pitch sound, caused by defective exhaust pipe, converter or muffler.

* Screeching - piercing metallic sound with high pitch during motion, caused by worn out brakes.

* Squeal - sharp noise relating to the engine speed, caused as a result of loose or worn power steering, fan or air conditioning belt.

If you understand the abovementioned car engine sounds, you can easily guess the problems associated with them. Replacing or repairing those parts may reduce the cost involved. You can avoid major problems. Car engines sounds really act as the alarm bells!

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