Stop Car Engine Trouble

Car engine trouble is really burdensome, especially if you have to pay high bills every time and have to spend a lot of time waiting or inspecting the repair work done by your mechanic. It is just like waiting outside the operating room when someone near and dear to you is operated upon! Tension builds up, and at the end a heavy bill is handed to you to compensate the work that those mechanics have done to rectify the car engine trouble.

A car engine can have a number of troubles. Some of these are given below along with their causes and remedies. There are many more car engine troubles, but one must be familiar with the most common ones. They can all be avoided if you take some more care and adequately maintain your car engine.

* Trouble in starting or delaying - a dirty air filter, a dirty or worn out spark plug, or some other ignition problem. However, it is better to replace the worn out part.

* While moving, engine surges or misfires - wrong ignition timing, improper working of pressure regulator, or improper setting of choke in case of a carburetor, may lead to this problem. However, replacement or a proper setting can solve this general car engine trouble.

* Hissing sound from the engine - leakage in the vacuum line, overheating of the engine, or plugging of the catalytic converter. Some replacements may be required to rectify this car engine trouble.

* Loud exhaust noise - worn out exhaust pipe or muffler, or crack in exhaust manifold may lead to this problem. However, replacement is required in each case.

* When pressing the gas pedal, engine backfires - slipping of the timing belt of the camshaft may cause this problem. However, replacement is necessary. In some cases the adjustment of ignition timing is required so as to solve this car engine trouble.

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