Car MP3 CD players - true convenience for today's drivers.

Car MP3 CD players are becoming the favorites of more and more drivers. Instead of choosing a car stereo that only plays CDs, they resort to MP3 players. Many of these MP3 players play CDs as well.

Instead of carrying many CDs with them, all they really need is one or two discs. One disc can hold hundreds of MP3s. All the popular brands ( such as Sony, Pioneer, Aiwa, Panasonic, JVC, Casio, and RCA) manufacture car MP3 CD players.

I really like the convenience that MP3 technology provides. Hundreds of songs on one CDR/RW disc? That’s incredible! The best MP3 CD players even come with software that allows you to create your personal compilations on one disc. Forget about carrying a whole bunch of CDs with you. One CD containing hundreds of songs can do the trick. And the fact that they also play regular CDs allows for a lot of flexibility.

Sony, Pioneer, Aiwa, Panasonic, JVC, Casio, and RCA in-dash car MP3 CD players come with so many impressive features. The portable ones come with various car kit accessories. Some even include a remote control.

Do you already own a cassette player? In that case all you have to do is connect your portable MP3 player via a car kit. Everything comes with your MP3/CD player so there is no need to buy additional components.

Some of them even support CD Text and ID3 tagging so that you can easily see CD text and ID3 information including artist name, song title, and album title.

Forget about personal players that consume a lot of energy, particularly if you’re going to be using batteries a lot of the time. Invest in one that has a long battery life. Some of the best ones allow you over 100 hours of continuous playback with 2 AA batteries!

Skip-Free G-Protection technology is also very important. With such a feature you will be able to listen to your music for many hours without any interruptions. Whether you’re on smooth roads or driving through potholes, your CD simply won't skip.

You can order your in-dash and portable MP3 CD Players online today.

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