Car rims, custom rims, chrome rims, truck rims and wheels buying guide

If it's car rims you're looking for, this section is for you. Here you will find easy access to large selections of rims, just for your car. This includes custom rims, chrome rims and truck rims.

Maybe you're tired of your old rims. Maybe you need something more sophisticated than what your car came with. You know that the rims on your car are a major factor in whether your car looks good or bad. I don't blame you for wanting to spend some bucks to enhance the beauty of your car. I do the same.

Car rims come in all shapes and sizes. They include chrome rims, spinner rims, spinning rims and spinners rims. Imagine a car with 26 inch rims. Now that's huge. car rim

You will find 17 inch rims, 18 inch rims, 20 inch rims, 22 inch rims and 24 inch rims easily. You can choose from wide selections of front wheel drive chrome rims, rear wheel drive truck rims and custom rims.

Perhaps you don't want to buy your rims and tires separately. You want your tires to be fitted onto your rims. If this is the case you shouldn't have a problem.

You will be able to buy complete car tires and car rims packages. You get 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted and balanced. All you do is order from your computer. Your custom wheels, custom rims, truck rims, chrome rims or chrome wheels are shipped free right to your door.

Do you want to buy your rims separately? Then it's just as easy and straightforward.

When buying car rims online you should ensure that you get low prices, free shipping, convenience and quality. You want your shopping experience to be as hassle free as possible.

When you buy from experienced and established merchants, you shouldn't have a problem. On this site we only recommend those who are authorities in the rims retail industry.


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1989 toyota supra - wheels  
trying to find out what size wheels i can put in the rear. i would like to go 18' x 10'. please help me so i can buy some wheels.

Toyota One-Ton Dually 14 inch Rims 
Folks, I heard that Toyota put a 14 inch wheel on its trucks with an Optional 15 inch wheel. I have a 1989 Toyota one-ton dually with 14 inch wheels. …

18 inch wheels for 2003 Toyota rav? 
Can I fit 18 inch wheel on my 2003 Toyota rav?

rims for ford f150 2001 
will 17 inc rims fit my ford f150 2001 i now have 16 inch rims. without any extra work being done to the truck

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