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Why did I buy a top of the line car stereo CD player? Because I was tired of the embarassment. My old stereo system had become a real pain. I was tired of making excuses to my friends about why my car stereo system didn't function properly. How I was about to get it replaced. Finally I'd be able to take them on a decent ride with some quality sound pumping through the speakers. They could even bring their CDS if they'd like.

Perhaps you're looking for an in-dash car stereo cd player to replace that old one that you have become tired of, that fails to work properly or that just doesn't work any more. There are many good ones available. Some of them come with great features like a flip-down detachable face, CD-CD-R/RW playback, AM/FM tuning, programmable station memories, and an Equalizer with quite a few bands of user adjustable frequency presets. These are just a few of the important standard features. The best ones come with that and so much more!

How about a portable car stereo CD player? The best ones will provide extended battery life, high powered anti-skip technology and even MP3 playback. The anti-skip will help prevent interruptions from jostling during active use of your car CD player. Rubber brushes, an anti-skip mechanism and an anti-skip servo are used to prevent read errors and to absorb shock. Now you can listen to your music for hours without any interruptions.

With heat resistant features and a polycarbonate body, you can use many of these portable CD players outdoors without worrying about damaging them. With a supplied car kit, you can hook your Portable CD player to your vehicle's cassette deck and you're good to go.

There are many popular brands to choose from including Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, JVC, Aiwa, RCA and Jensen. Choose between in-dash CD players and portable CD players. It's all up to you. No matter what you're looking for you should find it easily online.

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