Eliminating Car Stereo Engine Noise

The problems in car stereo engine noise can be grouped on the basis of their origin or cause:

ground loops and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference). These problems are commonly referred to as engine noise, which potentially disturb the sound of your audio system, and you are unable to listen clearly and enjoy what is being played. If you have heard about noise filters, then you should know that they can only reduce noise. They don't eliminate it. Car stereo engine noise can be avoided, and below are some of the tips that you can follow to avoid it:

1. Ground Loops

Ground loops are generally the results of resistance to (-)ve ground returning from the amplifier to the battery. Sometimes, the wire or the metal frame used to send the (-)ve ground is faulty.

2. EMI Noises

EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) can create a big problem with high-end stereo systems that use amplifiers to power the speakers. You should always make sure that the routing of power wires and audio cables is done separately. Furthermore, the amplifier's power cable should be connected to the battery. It should go through the metal wall at the dash, and then run down the side of the vehicle to the location of the amplifier.

Some of the other options for avoiding car stereo engine noise

There are some other general options that you can follow in order to reduce or eliminate noise in your car's audio system:

  • Never run the signal wires alongside power cables.
  • Use 100% shielded audio cable.
  • Ensure that the amplifiers have a good audio ground reference.
  • Try to keep the amplifier power ground wires as short as possible.
  • Don't connect all of your amplifier ground wires under one bolt.

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