Car stereo speaker - things to look out for when buying.

There are several things you must pay attention to when buying a car stereo speaker.

One of these is the amount of power your speaker can handle. This is particularly important when dealing with woofers, since they require more power to play loudly. The speaker's power must be measured in RMS. Some manufacturers like to exaggerate the power of their car stereo speaker. Be wary of terms like "music power" and "peak power". They don't mean much.

You need to find out how sensitive the speaker is. If it is very sensitive it will not require much power to drive it. But sensitive speakers require more power. This becomes particularly important when you're using a head unit. Head units don't have nearly as much power as amplifiers.

Ensure that you buy the proper size car stereo speaker so that it fits in the right location. Can midrange speakers fit in the door or dash? Do you have enough room in your trunk for your woofer to fit?

You need to choose an enclosure that is best for your subwoofer. Woofers generate a back wave behind them and therefore they should never be mounted in free air space. If this is done the sound they produced at the front will be cancelled out by the backwave. As a result they will produce no bass. You can mount your woofer in a ported box, car's trunk, or sealed enclosure. There's another technique where two chambers are used. Choose one that is right for your situation.

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