Cleaning Car Engines

Cleaning car engines - Why it is absolutely necessary

Cleaning of a car engine is very important for the following reasons:

* Prevention from rust
* Detection of oil/fluid leak at the early stage
* Detection of belt wear, if any, at the early stage

Who will clean the car engine?

Hiring an engine cleaning shop to clean the car engine can prove to be expensive. Instead, you can choose to clean the car engine yourself. It is so much cheaper and it is not a difficult task. Rather, it could be an enjoyable task if family members are also involved! Buy an engine cleaner, strong degreaser, solvent & emulsifier. These are readily available from the auto shops. Spray it onto the car engine, keep it on the engine for a while, and then use a high-pressure sprayer to clean it off.

Some important points to keep in mind while cleaning car engines

* Make sure that all required tools are kept near the area where cleaning has to be done.

* Make a list of steps for the cleaning procedure and follow them to avoid confusion.

* To soften the grease and to collect the grunge on the surface, it is necessary to warm up the engine. But it should not be hot. To warm up just start it and shut off after a while and check if it is warm.

* Always clean a small portion at a time, as it may be necessary to repeat the process, if the cleaning is not done properly.

* Do not use water when cleaning the car engine of a new vehicle, because it contains a number of electronic parts. Water can cause these parts to shot.

* Wait till the engine cools down, because applying coolant may be harmful for the block.

* All intakes should be covered with plastic covers before applying engine cleaner.

Car Engine Buying Guide

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