How To Change A Flat Tire On A Car

How To Change A Flat Tire

Changing a tire in most cars is pretty much the same. So if you can learn how to change a flat tire on a Toyota, then you can learn how to change a tire on any car. Today we are going to be talking about how to change a tire on the Toyota Supra. Pretty much, the only thing different you are going to find when changing tires on different cars is that the spot that you have to place the jack changes. All cars have different spots that you are suppose to jack up from. To find out where the spot is on your Supra, you need to refer to your owner's manual.

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Getting Started

First and for most, you have to place your car in park on ground level. Since you are going to be jacking the car up, it has to be on a flat surface. It is a good idea to also put on your E-break. If you do not have an automatic transmission to place into park, then you will want to place your manual transmission into gear. Be sure to turn on your hazard lights as well to let other drivers know that you are working on your car. If you can find a large rock, it could be a good idea to place it behind or in front of the tire to keep the car from rolling. You will want to place it on the opposite side of any kind of slope you may be on.

Now that you are all set up, you will want to remove your hubcap. You can normally do this with a small screwdriver or sometimes your lug wrench will come with a little hubcap remover on it. Before jacking up the car, it's a good idea to loosen the lug nuts. That is because they can be on there pretty tight, and you are going to have to throw some body weight into it. That is not a good idea when it is jacked up. After loosening them, jack up the car and finish taking off the lug nuts. It is best if you take the lug nuts off in a star pattern, and you will see why later. After taking off the lug nuts, you can take off the tire and roll it out of the way. Make sure that it is nowhere near the road. Then take your spare tire and put it on the car. If you are afraid that you are putting the tire on the wrong way, look for the air valve for your tire, this is always going to face outwards.

After getting the tire on, you will want to put the lug nuts on. Give them a few turns by hand to make sure that they stay on. Then you need to use your lug wrench to tighten them up. However, do not tighten them up all the way. Start tightening them up in a star pattern again. After that, you need to go back through, in the star pattern, and finish tightening them up. You do this to make sure that your tire goes on straight. Then simply lower your car, and remove the jack. Replace your hubcap, and you are done!

Almost Done

Before you can start driving again, you need to pick up your flat tire and place it where your spare use to go. You do not want to leave flat tires on the road side. As soon as you can, you need to get another spare tire so that you are ready just in case this happens to you again. A lot of people forget to go get another spare tire, but to drive around without one is a very bad idea. Also, make sure you have picked up all of your tools and other things that you were using to change your tire. You may need them again, and on top of that, it can be dangerous to leave them on the side of the road.

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