How to Clean a Car Engine

You need to know how to clean a car engine. That way, you can ensure proper maintenance and functioning of your engine. There are a series of steps to be followed when cleaning a car engine:

* Firstly, (in our discussion of how to clean a car engine) I'd like to make reference to the importance of warming the engine. This helps to soften the grease and the grunge collected on the car engine. However, it should not be hot. To warm the engine, start it for a while and then shut it off.

* Some parts such as air filter/air intake, distributor, oil breather, and the coil, are sensitive and need to be covered. However, to reduce time wastage, while the engine cools to proper temperature can be used to cover these. Plastic bags and rubber bands are best suited for covering almost all these parts properly.

* Second step in knowing how to clean a car engine demands the knowledge of the right temperature in which you can actually start the cleaning of the engine. As the engine reaches the proper temperature required for cleaning, spray a high quality and non-petroleum based engine cleaner on the entire engine. However, to avoid dropping the cleaner on the face while cleaning underside, it is better to start from the bottom and then move upwards. Keep the degreaser on the engine for 3-5 minutes, and then take a pure cotton towel to gently agitate the heavily soiled areas, repeating the process, if required. After cleaning the engine, rinse it thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary.

* Then remove all the coverings on different parts, and dry all the parts with the help of pure cotton towel and paper towels. Then start the engine to evaporate any moisture and dry the components completely. * After the completion of the whole process, you need to apply a coating of non-silicone lubricant on all hinges, throttle cables, cruise control cables and hood shocks. Re-waxing of all waxed parts is also required, because engine cleaner will destroy the entire wax.

If you understand and follow the above mentioned steps, you know how to clean a car engine!

How to Buy Car Engines

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