Learn About Car Engines

If you want to learn about car engines, I commend you. You do not need to be a mechanic or an automobile engineer.

Some basic tips can make you reasonably capable of handling some problems in car engines. Car engines are available in a variety of forms and functionalities; however, mainly rotary engines are used. You need to understand the basic concepts about the rotary engines to learn about car engines. A brief description about these engines is given below:

Piston engines have different cylinder layouts: inline, V, and horizontal or flat cylinders. The inline cylinder layout has all the cylinders placed in a line with a single cylinder head and valve train, to reduce the part count, and are simple. However, V-engines require two cylinder heads, two valve trains, and two exhaust manifolds, as two banks of cylinders are present. Someone who wants to learn about car engines, should learn the exact difference between these cylinder patterns. In horizontal, flat, or boxer engines, the cylinders are placed at opposites, i.e., at 180 degrees, and they are otherwise similar to the V-engines.

Learn about car engine functionality: how it works

To learn about car engine functionality, we need to know the basic concept that runs an engine: it is an internal combustion engine and is known as Wenkel engine after the inventor, Felix Wenkel. It works on the intake of gasoline, explosion to create movement, and the exhaust of gases. However, if you know about piston engines, you will know that rotary engines are different. In rotary engines, three chambers are used for functioning. The first is used to intake the gasoline and to rotate it so that it can be exploded in the second chamber, and so that the exhaust could take place after creating the power required to move the car.

Buying Car Engines

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