MP3 car stereo - why buy one?

An MP3 car stereo is a great choice. Nowadays many in-dash car stereos come equipped with MP3 decoders that allow MP3 playback. This may very well be standard in new cars very soon.

The great thing about MP3 technology is the number of songs that one CD can hold. While a CD would normally hold a little over an hour of music, thanks to MP3 technology you can fit hundreds of songs on one disc. About ten hours or so of music on one disc! No longer do you have to carry several CDs along.

Personally I wouldn't buy any player that doesn't play MP3 files. With so much music available on the Internet in MP3 format, all you need is a CD burner. You probably already have that. Just burn your music on CD and you're ready to play them on your mp3 car stereo. You're ready for that great road trip.

You can also check out a portable car MP3 player. If you already own an in-dash player and do not want to change it, you can just plug your portable car MP3 player into your in-dash player and you're on your way.

Popular MP3 car stereo brands include Aiwa, Pioneer, Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Rockford, Sony, and lots more. With such a wide range of car MP3 players available you will find one that meets your needs easily.

You can create your own customized CDs and take them along with you. One CD is all you need for a full day's drive! You will be absolutely delighted by the convenience that a car MP3 player provides.

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