MP3 car stereos - benefits

More and more car owners are choosing MP3 car stereos over car CD players. In fact many of today’s cars come with this favored feature. These MP3 players normally play CDs as well.

So what’s so special about MP3 technology? It’s quite simple. It’s the number of songs one disc can hold when music is burnt in MP3 format. One disc can hold hundreds of MP3s. We’re talking about ten hours of music or more on one disc! Compare that to a regular CD that holds About 80 minutes of music.

If you own a computer that has a CD burner, mp3 car stereos may be the way to go. You can burn all your favorite songs on one or two discs and not have to carry a bunch of CDs in your car. You can even download music from the Internet if you choose. And since these players play regular CDs as well, there’s more variety.

You can choose between a wide range of in-dash MP3 players and portable MP3 players online. Check out leading brands like Aiwa, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, Panasonic,

Rockford, and Sony. You need to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the functions that are important to you and choose what is right for you. When choosing MP3 car stereos don’t only focus on price.

If you own an in-dash cassette player you do not necessarily have to replace it. By using a car adapter kit you can hook up a portable MP3 player to it. The connection is very fast and simple.

You can visit our list of car audio merchants for an in dash or portable car MP3 player that meets your needs.

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