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There's no doubt that today's rising gas prices drain our finances everyday. Current economic reports unfortunately indicate that these prices won't be going down any time soon. The average price of gas in Oregon rose to over $3.16 a gallon in November alone while Pennsylvania residents are busy preparing to pay even more. Seemingly having no other choice than to pay the price removes funds reserved or budgeted for vacations, gifts, dining, or the theater. And this leaves most of us looking for alternatives and pondering whether they even exist!

The good news is that alternatives do exist and they don't involve buying a hybrid or some other alternative fuel type vehicle. You can instead make a few common-sense modifications that will reduce fuel costs and protect the environment at the same time. Just be aware that some these modifications could void the warranty that accompany your vehicle. While we don't recommend that you make this decision without the proper research, we do suggest that you consider what's presented because adding the following new Toyota parts could make the difference between a $100-a-day gas expense and the ability to pay for your daughter's birthday party!


Adding spoilers, such as a front arm or rear wing for example, can improve the design of your vehicle and make it less wind-resistant. These Toyota parts thus help streamline your car and increase the performance of your car engine -- ultimately creating an environment for better fuel efficiency.

Electric Ignition And Computer-Controlled Carburetor

Replacing your existing points ignition with an electric ignition will help your engine burn fuel more efficiently -- and so will a computer-controlled carburetor. Replacing both your points ignition and manual-controlled carburetor with these new Toyota parts will reduce the amount of work required to run the engine -- consequently saving you fuel and the costs to replenish it.

Fuel-Injection System

Speaking of carburetors, you can opt to replace the entire thing with a fuel-injection system instead. A fuel-injection system will deliver just enough fuel to an engine's cylinders and therefore reduce the need for excess gas. As a bonus, a fuel-injection system additionally maximizes engine power.

Turbo Chargers

Without a turbocharged engine, exhaust goes straight into the environment. This is a tremendous waste of gas since a turbo charger uses exhaust as a power source and reduces the need for additional fuel during acceleration.

Five-Speed Transmission

Another gas-saving tactic is to replace your manual transmission with a five-speed transmission. The last gear in this transmission is an overdrive gear, which saves gas by running the engine slowly during highway speeds.

Depending on the choices you make and the new Toyota parts that you add, the actual savings you can experience will vary. Any part of a car that requires more work to operate the engine will raise your fuel costs, and the more fuel-efficient replacements you make, the lower the strain on your funds.

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