OEM Toyota Parts

If you want your OEM Toyota parts to be of the highest quality, buy them from reliable online merchants. You simply can't take any chances.

No more worrying about not finding your OEM parts. I have listed some very competent parts sellers here. They carry large quantities of OEM parts in stock, ready to be shipped to your door.

You will find auto parts such as timing belts, brake pads, wiper blades, strut assemblies, Toyota engine parts, Toyota catalytic converter, Toyota muffler, Toyota headlight, oxygen sensor easily.

Maybe I didn't list the part you're looking for. After all I can't list thousands of OEM parts here. :-) It's amazing how easy it is to find other Toyota OEM parts.

What does OEM really stand for?

OEM simply stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer who makes genuine parts. In other words, the part sold at your local automotive dealer is made by the same people that make OEM parts.

Carmakers want you to believe that they design their own parts. Yeah right. This is very far from the truth. The reality is that an outside manufacturer makes the parts for the carmaker.

All the carmaker does is put the specific part in a box. That box has the carmaker's logo on it. So you buy the part thinking that it was made by the carmaker.

After some time has elapsed, the manufacturer is allowed to sell these very same parts to various companies for resale. These parts are known as OEM parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, and are identical to the genuine parts that you buy at your local automotive dealer.

Your OEM Toyota parts are the real thing! So buy them with confidence. The part from your carmaker is not better.

OEM Toyota parts are also an excellent way to save money. They sell for a fraction of the cost of genuine parts.

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