Portable car CD players - advantages

Portable car CD players continue to be very popular among car owners. I personally think that they’re awesome. Do you already

own a car cassette player? If so you can save money and buy a cheaper portable CD player. You simply use a car cassette kit to hook it up to your cassette head unit. It’s a simple, quick connection.

There are so many models and brands for you to choose from. It’s amazing! Popular brands include JVC, Aiwa, Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic and Kenwood. Portable CD players all come with their own distinct features but a lot of the features are standard.

One feature you absolutely can’t do without is known as Skip-Free G Protection technology. (Although different manufacturers use different terms to refer to the same basic feature.) With this feature you will be able to drive for hours without any interruptions in your music. No matter how much you shake or move your portable CD player it will continue to function properly and your music won't skip.

Portable car CD players normally come with accessories like a cassette-shell audio adapter, an AC power adapter, stereo headphones, a car kit, a DC power adapter and a car remote control. Some models even come with software. This software goes a long way in helping you get the most out of your car CD player.

Forget about personal players that consume a lot of energy, particularly if you’re going to be using batteries a lot of the time. Invest in one that has a long battery life. For instance, you will find CD players that give you over 90 hours of MP3 playback and 50 hours CD-DA playback from 2 AA batteries. But if you’re mostly going to be using it in your car you wouldn’t have a problem. Just use your car adapter and you don't even have to think about buying batteries.

An in-dash player is more or less part of your dash board and must stay in the car. But a portable one allows for more flexibility. You can take it wherever you want. Simply unplug it and take it out of the car with you. You can continue listening to your music when you stop driving.

Just check out our list of car stereo merchants to find a portable CD player for your car, easily.

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