Quality car stereo amplifier - what to look out for

If it's a quality car stereo amplifier you need, forget about no-name brands. Choose quality car audio equipment manufacturers like Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, Alpine, Pyramid, Audiobahn, Lanzar, and Rockford Fosgate.

A top of the line car amplifier will certainly improve your audio experience. It will offer true sound and balanced perfection. Don't waste money with an inferior car amp. You can get a wide range of top notch amps without breaking the bank. A car amplifier could either make or break your in-car entertainment and audio experience, so invest well.

One way to know a quality car stereo amplifier is the way power is measured. You must always ask for the maximum power RMS (the maximum power the amp can produce continuously). It is the most accurate way to measure power and is used by most reputable amplifier manufacturers. It gives you the average power of your signal.

Many manufacturers overrate the power of their car amplifiers. For instance, some of them measure maximum peaking power. Some calculate power at the point of great distortion. Their amplifiers are not as powerful as they claim. With brand names like Pioneer, Sony, and Kenwood (to name a few) you should not have that problem. They are reputable manufacturers that you can rely on.

What does an amplifier do?

Your car amplifier enlarges the signal from your head unit so that it can drive your speakers. For the best performance of your car stereo system it is better to use separate amps for different frequencies. Some people use three amps, one for bass, one for mids, and one for highs.

A car audio crossover would be used to send low frequencies to the amp that drives your sub woofer, mids to the amp driving your mid-range speaker, and high frequencies to the amp driving your tweeters.

Improve your sound quality today with a quality car stereo amplifier from one of our merchants.

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