Rebuilt Car Engines

The use of rebuilt car engines increased due to the continuous rise in the cost of new cars,

coupled with the need of an economic solution for extending the life of the vehicle with a good powered engine. Rebuilt car engines are made by updating the old and worn engine to meet the current specifications by dismantling, inspecting, cleaning, and replacing or repairing the parts. Though the whole process requires intensive labour, the cost is much less than buying a new car or replacing the worn out engine with a brand new one.

As all parts of the worn out engines worked under different conditions with a number of differences in operations, it is possible that it will not last as long as a new one can or did, after rebuilding. A part can malfunction during rebuilding, which was otherwise fine when inspected. However, other such possibilities can be reduced by discovering them during the inspection process.

A commonly used process for a rebuilding a car engine may include piston-cylinder system reformation, i.e., re-boring the cylinder channels and reworking on the pistons so as to match the new cylinder sizes, lubrication of bearings, re-grounding of camshaft or crankshaft, machining of connecting rods, and replacement of some less costly parts.

Rebuilt car engines and overhauled car engines

Rebuilt car engines are different to overhauled engines. In overhauled engines, machining of old parts is rare. Instead, these are replaced with new ones resulting in an increase in the cost. In rebuilding, machining is done on the worn parts, making it a cost effective option when there's serious engine trouble. Choosing a rebuilt car engine or overhauled engine depends on your budget. It's all about what you can afford, to make your car run the way you want it to.

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