Remanufactured Car Engine

A remanufactured car engine provides a great option to car owners.

Apart from the price of a new car or engine, there are numbers of hidden costs associated, which takes the price of a car so much higher. But the option of a remanufactured car engine makes it easier for car owners who do not want to pay extra money to buy new car engines.

A better solution for extending the life of a vehicle is to install a remanufactured engine, which underwent a number of processes to take it to the current specifications. The worn out engine is disassembled and the worn out parts are remanufactured and reassembled after a complete inspection and testing.

The remanufacturing process involves installation of new pistons, timing components, rings, valve guides, freeze plugs, gasket sets, lifters, oil pumps, re-grounding of crankshafts, and checking of connecting rods, etc.

However, in addition to all features, original manufacturer equipment remains with the remanufactured car engine. The worn out engine undergoes all rework under the manufacturer's specifications and supervision.

Comparison of remanufactured car engine with rebuilt car engine

In the remanufacturing process, all the parts are remanufactured to meet the current manufacturing specifications, as the final testing is done exactly as specified by the original manufacturer. The same cannot be said about rebuilding a car engine.

A remanufactured car engine involves a quality oriented task, as all the specifications are bound to be met and nothing is supposed to be left out. Whereas, in rebuilding, a less emphasis is placed on quality, as it depends upon the individual involved in the process.

Although initial costing of rebuilding an engine is less, in due course the cost will increase. This is because frequent service is required and there is more downtime. However, in remanufactured car engines one will get a totally new engine.

Also, a remanufactured engine will give a comprehensive warranty; whereas, in rebuilt engines this is not the case. Replaced parts have warranties but there is no comprehensive warranty.

How to Buy Car Engines

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