Toyota Accessories

Toyota accessories are the things that make your Toyota uniquely yours, and you don't need to be a die-hard Toyota fan or an egotistical car fanatic to want them. Chances are after all, the more time you spend with your vehicle, the more "necessary" these accessories will become. Let's take a look at some situations where Toyota accessories can turn into absolute necessities over time.

Car Mats

You don't have to be a vain neat-freak to appreciate the value of car mats. They help retain the new-look of a car's interior and because they're easily washable, they can prevent a messy situation from becoming a permanent fixture. Selecting the perfect set is often just a simple matter of choosing a color, however your environment (snowy, rainy, etc.) or lifestyle may dictate the material that's most appropriate. A busy mom who carpools a lot of children everyday will definitely benefit from car mats!

Cargo Liners

Cargo liners are the Toyota accessories that protect trucks, SUVs, and vans from mud, dust, grease and grime. They're especially important for vehicles used for hauling and if you've ever doubted their importance, you need only to peek inside a cargo that doesn't use one. All the scratches, staining, and dents you'll find in such a space could have been prevented with a simple waterproofed plastic, thermoplastic, or rubber liner!


Carpets have a way of making almost any vehicle feel luxurious, but they also help keep a vehicle warm. On cold, snowy nights, it's hard not to appreciate they way that carpeting helps insulate interior temperatures.

Fog Light

Fog lights were originally designed to illuminate hazy navigation but there are plenty of other conditions that warrant their use. Extreme dark, or heavy snow and rains are three examples that call for the wide penetrating light of these accessories. (Fog lights can illuminate up to 100 to 200 feet away).

Fender Flares

Plastic, urethane and fiberglass fender flares do more than just look good. They help protect a car, truck, van or SUV from road elements known to stain wheels and fenders. Since these accessories stick out from the body, they're more appropriate for vehicles that sport large tires.

Sound Deadeners

Sound deadeners reduce the internal and external sounds you may hear by controlling noise vibration. Placed into the car's floor, roof, side panels, and/or doors, sound deadeners act as a sound damper, absorber, barrier, or composite -- which is a combination of all three roles.


Although they look pretty sporty, spoilers do much more than simply look "cool." A spoiler actually changes the aerodynamics of a car which helps keep its engine cool, less worked, and fuel efficient.

As you can see, some of the things that you might have regarded as "eye-candy" really serve some rather important functions. By making careful choices, you can personalize your vehicle in a way that not only enhances its appearance, but also in a way that improves its function as well.

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