Toyota After market Parts

Toyota after market parts

Although Toyota after market parts offer a big opportunity for low-cost vehicle enhancement, state law may prevent you from using some of them. In the state of California for example, you can not use any after market parts that aren't pollution friendly or legal for street use. Only after a part has been tested through an ARB engineering evaluation and shown that it doesn't increase emissions, can an after market part be used.

This article will describe permissible Toyota after market parts and then further explain how they can meet state requirements.

The Original Match Requirement

In general, most Toyota after market parts have to match the original parts that they're replacing. Air cleaners, carburetors, cams, computer chips, electronic ignitions, distributors, and transmissions are example parts which must match the original parts that they're replacing for legal use. A catalytic converter however must also be must ARB approved for the year, make, model, and engine size of the car that will use it.

When Replacements Don't Match Their Originals

Almost all aftermarket parts that don't match their originals need an Executive Order for legal use. Add-on fuel tanks are examples of parts that don't match originals because they're add-ons. Changing a vehicle from fuel injection to carburetion (and vice versa) is another example that's permitted with an Executive Order only.

When it comes to replacing heads on non-catalyst vehicles, heads need only to accompany the original smog controls found on stock exhaust manifolds. And the material of a replacement manifold can differ from its original manifold -- but its casting design must match. Oversized replacement pistons, rods, or cranks on the other hand don't have to match the design of their originals if they're within factory tolerances.


Depending on what's being replaced, an engine can become an engine replacement or an engine change -- and different rules apply to each. An engine that matches its original is considered a replacement. If it doesn't match its original, it's considered an engine change. Motors in engine changes have to match the year of the vehicle its entering and it must be appropriate for the car. Installing an engine for a heavy-duty truck into a passenger car is illegal and although these regulations appear extremely restrictive, they exist for a very good reason.

Toyota After Market Parts Regulation

Every single regulation is designed to protect air quality. In the state of California alone, more than 50% of smog pollutants are the result of emissions and by enforcing these rules, we help reduce the effects of these pollutants. We understand that many of our readers don't live in California but these rules will soon become standard everywhere as long as we continue to face our growing pollution problem.

Pollution isn't a state problem -- it's a national problem that we're working to correct. As a result, The Federal Clean Air Act prohibits modifications that have been shown to increase motor vehicle emissions, and that's a regulation that crosses state lines.

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