Toyota body part: how and where to find the right body parts for your Toyota.

If you're in the market for a Toyota body part for your car or truck, you're definitely not alone. Everywhere you look you'll find a wide range of options, from salvage yards to OEM parts to aftermarket. An online search will show you that many places offer parts wholesale, which means you could possibly find a new part for less than it would cost you to buy used. So how do you know where to buy?

First consider what type of repair you need to do. If you're looking for a bumper, mirror, or something simple, don't rack your brains trying to find an original part. Honestly, aftermarket will do in this situation, and will definitely be easier to find than an original undamaged part. The more often people need to replace the piece, the less common it is to find an original.

However, some body parts require a little more care when it comes to replacement. If you're trying to replace a headlamp, fender, or hood, you're going to be looking for parts that are specific to your car's make and model. Even here you'll find lots of options.

If you take your car to a repair shop, chances are good they'll get parts from a salvage lot. This is perfectly fine, although it won't necessarily be cheap. Keep in mind that you'll be paying for labor as well as parts... and someone had to go out to the lot and pull that part off a salvaged car.

One option is to find the part yourself, and then either pay someone to install it or do it yourself. Local junkyards will have a pull-it-yourself service that allows you to go out into the lot with tools in hand and remove what you need. Their prices are generally sensible since you're doing all the legwork. Remember, though, that you might have some trouble finding an auto shop that will put on a part you've supplied. Most like to pull their own parts to limit liability if the part is wrong and to increase their sale.

If the Toyota body part you need is somewhat unusual or hard to find, or if it doesn't seem to be available in salvage lots, you'll need to turn to aftermarket or wholesale parts. Aftermarket parts are made to resemble the original parts, but aren't made by the same manufacturer. Body parts are fairly easy to replicate, however, and you should not have any difficulties with aftermarket.

For those who really do want an original Toyota body part, your best bet is to do an online search and see what you can find. Particularly if you're dealing with an older car, the pieces may be sold online at large wholesale discounts. Keep in mind, however, that if you buy online you might be paying for shipping. This is fine if you need a mirror; but it can get pricey if you're buying a new hood or fender.

Finally, wherever you buy, check into the company's warranty policy. Your replacement Toyota body part should look just as good as the original- that's the whole point in replacing the part. If it doesn't, you'll want to be sure you can get your money back and try another option. Finding the right body parts is worth it. It'll increase the value, safety, and appearance of your Toyota.

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