Toyota Camry parts - relatively easy to find.

Toyota Camry Parts

The wide appeal of the Toyota Camry can sometimes be considered a mixed blessing. Toyota Camry parts manufactured during the 1980s and 1990s are designed to be interchangeable between various years. This makes older-model Camrys easy to work on and inexpensive to repair. It also makes them some of the most stolen cars in America.

For the past ten years, various older models of the Toyota Camry have been at or near the top of the list of cars most likely to be stolen in the US. Because the Camry is a popular vehicle and tends to last a long time with the proper repairs, the market for Camry parts is huge. And the interchangeable parts mean that a thief who steals a 1989 Toyota Camry can most likely resell the bumper to anyone who has a 1992 Camry. So without any effort on the thief's part, he has multiplied his market. Toyota Camry You might wonder exactly what kind of market there is for stolen car parts. Surely you wouldn't purchase parts from a stranger on the street. Well, you might not, but unfortunately plenty of people will... and they might just be working on your car. Unscrupulous mechanics all over the United States purchase stolen parts from car thieves and sell them as new to unsuspecting car owners.

Although older models are the prime targets, new Camrys are favorites among thieves as well. Since around the year 2000, Toyota Camry parts are no longer made to be interchangeable, and most Camrys come equipped with standard anti-theft devices. Nonetheless, especially in California and New York, thieves tend to target Japanese-made cars. Part of this is due to the "tuner market," which is an underground hobby where Japanese cars are disassembled for parts, retooled, and used in road racing.

Does this mean you shouldn't purchase a Camry? Of course not. As a stable, reliable sedan with excellent gas mileage and high quality Japanese design, the Camry is one of the best low-cost cars available. The best course of action is to simply protect your car against theft in any way possible. And the truth is, you should be doing that no matter what you drive.

Cars are stolen every day in every state and city, and model often has nothing to do with it. The list of most-stolen cars does not even take into account vehicles that are taken for "joy rides" or cars that are not stripped of their parts. Avoiding purchasing a Camry specifically to avoid car theft won't do much to decrease your chances of losing your car.

A Toyota Camry

The only real way to protect against car thieves is to take a few precautions. Keep your car locked at all times, install alarms and immobilizing devices, and avoid parking in unsecured lots wherever possible. Consider full coverage insurance on your car if you live in a high-risk area.

The other way to discourage car theft is to avoid feeding the market. Let's suppose you really do need Toyota Camry Parts for legitimate repair. Get your work done at a quality mechanic, and inquire into the source of the parts. If any mechanic tells you they can get you genuine Toyota Camry parts for a price that seems ridiculously low, be suspicious. And trust your instincts. Avoiding buying into the theft market will help decrease the profits of car thieves, and Toyota Camry owners- and all car owners- will be able to rest a little easier.

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