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Toyota cars are considered some of the most efficient and dependable vehicles available. If you're a Toyota driver, chances are you know that Toyota car parts are designed with the utmost in Japanese innovation. The versatility and reliability of Toyotas is what makes them some of the most popular cars driven in the United States today.

The first Toyota Type A engine was produced in 1934 by the Toyoda Company. Toyoda was a Japanese company that manufactured automatic looms. In 1924 they created an automatic loom that featured automatic thread replenishment and other innovations that were the first of their kind. Platt Brothers & Co., located in England, bought the patent for the design in 1929, which gave Toyoda the funds they needed to branch into automobile production.

Toyota Car (Toyota Corolla) Kiichiro Toyoda, whose father had invented the groundbreaking loom design, spent several years researching gasoline-powered engines and general car parts before producing the first Toyota prototype. At that time, Japan was experiencing a Depression as they became involved in the war, and they were forced to close their markets to imported vehicles. This gave Toyoda the opening he needed to start producing his automobiles for the mainstream public. He stepped up production immediately, producing more prototypes of cars and car parts, and gave Toyota a foothold in the market.

Today, Toyota has factories all over the world that produce and assemble cars and car parts. Toyota car parts are exported all over the world and assembled in countries everywhere. Toyota SUVs have enjoyed a recent rise in popularity, as they combine the American need for large vehicles with the Japanese efficiency of low gas mileage and reliability. Toyotas are used worldwide as low-cost vehicles. The Corolla is Toyota's best selling and most popular model. Toyota Car (Toyora Camry) The Toyota Production System is considered the key to the company's success. The TPS is used as a model for manufacturing companies everywhere. Established in the late 1950s, the TPS is based on the principles of the original Toyoda Company and seeks to reduce defects, recalls, and inventory on Toyota car parts in all factories. The TPS has been successful in reducing cost for Toyota car parts and finished vehicles, resulting in cars that ordinary people can afford that run reliably and have consistent machining.

Today, Toyota is the third largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world. Although Japan is the source of many high quality vehicles, Toyota cars and car parts remain the best selling Japanese automotive exports all over the world.

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