The Toyota Celica - Popular Sporty Car

The first Toyota Celica was designed to meet the needs of those who liked sporty cars. It was built for motorists who wanted more than just basic transportation.

Toyota began putting plans together for the Toyota Celica in 1976. They were very serious about manufacturing a car that appealed to the young.

From the time it arrived on the market, the Celica sold well. Motorists were very impressed. The car looked great.

It came with a carbureted four-cylinder engine (1.6 liters) and was available in ST form and as a two-door sport-coupe. Later, in 1974, the GT model was added to the line. It came with a more powerful engine ( two liters).

In 1976, the liftback model was added to the Toyota Celica line. It was available in GT trim, included a larger engine, was sportier and had more luggage capacity.

In 1978, Toyota introduced a new generation of Celicas. They came with larger engines (2.2 liters) and were available in ST and GT trim levels.

The third generation Celica was introduced in 1982. It came with an even more powerful engine (2.4 - liter engine).

The GT-S model was added in 1983. This car was very sporty and came with larger wheels and tires, sports suspension and a very sporty interior.

In 1986, the Toyota Celica underwent considerable changes. It came with front-wheel-drive and 2.0 - liter four cylinder twin-cam engines and was available in GT, ST and GT-S trim. Motorists had a choice between coupe and liftback models. All-Trac Turbo was added in 1988.

The fifth generation of Celicas was introduced in 1990. They had more power, their styling was revised and their wheels and tires were upgraded. They came with 200 - horsepower turbocharged engines.

Various changes and improvements took place between 1995 and 2000.

Since 2000, Toyota has been placing even more emphasis on its customers. Their aim is to manufacture a car that offers powerful performance, is stylish, sporty, and meets buyers' demands.

The word 'celica' is Spanish and means heavenly. The Celica is truly heavenly and a great car to own.

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