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Toyota Corolla Parts

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best selling cars of all time. If you've ever owned one, you'll understand why. Peppy to drive, dependable, and easy to maintain, Corollas are user-friendly and reliable. Toyota Corolla Parts are widely available and generally inexpensive, so even if your vehicle does need repairs you shouldn't have to break the bank.

As your car ages, it will be natural to have to do some work; however, the following tips will help keep the parts of your Corolla working well and prevent costly problems in the future.

Toyota Corolla Engine Parts

To keep the parts under the hood of your Toyota Corolla running smoothly, the number one tip is to change the oil and filter as often as necessary. A Toyota Corolla Common car maintenance manuals recommend changing oil every 6,000 miles. Corollas built between 1997 and 2002, however, can be prone to oil sludging or gelling. This can cause premature wear on the engine parts. Common symptoms of oil sludging are blue exhaust and residue beneath the valves.

To prevent damage to your Toyota Corolla engine parts, change the oil every 5,000 miles. Use a synthetic oil to help avoid build-up, and check your oil periodically for signs of thickening.

At this time, Toyota has a policy wherein they will pay for engine damage that is created by oil sludging, provided owners have done the correct maintenance to try and avoid the problem. Make sure to keep all of your oil change receipts in case this should happen to you.

Toyota Corolla Body Parts

Older Corollas, especially those made in the late 1980s and early 1990s, have solid bodies with rubber bumpers and a high quality frame. In fact, the 1992 Corolla earned a four-star front-impact crash test rating.

However, one problem you may have with Toyota Corolla body parts is paint bubbling. Some Corollas, particularly older models, are prone to rust and "blisters" beneath the paint that develop into rust spots when broken. The wheel wells seem to be affected more than other areas of the car.

To prevent this, make sure to wash your car often, especially when there are salt and chemicals on the road. A protective wax or sealant will also help. Keep your car garaged as often as possible if you're extremely concerned about the paint job.

Other Toyota Corolla parts that tend to develop problems are generally minor. For example, many older Corollas have issues with the gas cap lock, which tends to break. Some have minor electrical shorts in the dash, or blow fuses. Because these problems rarely affect the actual operation of the car, they're nothing more than minor nuisances. Compared to the problems your car could develop, consider yourself lucky with a broken gas cap lock and simply buy a replacement part at an auto store.

Due to their extreme reliability and good design, Toyota Corolla parts will most likely last you a long time. Although every car has its problems, your Corolla comes from a long line of dependable vehicles, and chances are good you'll be very happy with it. If a problem does develop and your car is still under warranty, make sure to take it to a dealer before attempting to fix the problem yourself. Toyota warranties should cover all Toyota Corolla parts, and any work you do on your own could void the warranty.

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