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The Fuel System's Role In Relation To Other Toyota Cressida Parts

Aside from the obvious, you might be surprised to learn how valuable the fuel system is in your Toyota Cressida. A faulty fuel system in fact, can negatively affect or even damage a significant number of Toyota Cressida parts that you might not even be aware of, like the entire exhaust system for example. This article will describe some of the symptoms of that effect, shed some light on some of the problems that you might be experiencing, and offer some sage advice regarding fuel system-related Toyota Cressida parts.

Symptoms of a Faulty Fuel System

* The Cressida's engine that turns over but won't start could be the effect of an empty fuel tank, a faulty fuel injection system, or a damaged fuel pump.

* If the Cressida's engine refuses to start while hot, fuel isn't reaching the motor's carburetor.

* If the engine starts but won't stay running, there probably isn't enough fuel reaching the carburetor. Fuel that fails to reach the carburetor also causes the motor to erratically idle or lope.

* If an engine misses throughout driving -- and the problem lies with the fuel system, either the fuel filter is clogged or the gas is impure.

* When the motor consistently stalls, the fuel filter could be clogged or filled with impurities (including water).

* If a motor doesn't seem to have as much power as it did when it was brand new, it could be the result of a clogged filter or impure/substandard gas use.

* If a motor constantly backfires -- and the fuel system is to blame -- the fuel injection system is worn.

* Pinging or knocking engine sounds could be the result of using the wrong grade of fuel.

* Of course excessive gas use is a symptom of a damaged fuel injection. And so is a gas leak or strange gas smell. In the latter case, there may be a leak in the fuel line, as well.

Fuel System-Related Toyota Cressida Parts

The fuel system doesn't just affect the engine. It also affects the exhaust system too therefore affecting the carburetor, manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe. That's why it's so important to replace damaged sections of a fuel system's hosing with the same exact material as the original. (In some states, it's the law! Making inappropriate substitutions could cause a fuel leak, work its way on through the rest of the vehicle's systems, and start a fire.

In the event that you need to repair the fuel system of your Toyota Cressida (or have someone else do it), make sure that your inventory of available includes:

* An Air Cleaner
* A Carburetor
* A Choke Valve
* A Combustion Chamber
* Fuel Injectors
* Fuel Jets
* Fuel Lines
* A Fuel Pressure Regulator
* A Fuel Pressure Relief Valve
* A Fuel Pump
* A Fuel Rail
* A Fuel Tank
* A Fuel Tank Cap
* Intake Manifolds
* A Throttle Valve

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