Toyota Exhaust Parts

Toyota Exhaust Parts

Since a growing number of states reinforce emissions laws, you'll want to make sure that your Toyota conforms to local regulations. Some of these laws are so strict that you may not have permission to drive unless your vehicle passes a smog test. The key to passing such a test of course is to keep your exhaust system functional with Toyota Exhaust Parts.

If you're not familiar with the exhaust system, it's the part of the car that filters and moves poisonous fumes from the motor, out through the tail pipe. But don't let its simple function fool you. The exhaust system is pretty complicated and its intricacy is one of the reasons why many cars fail to pass smog. In order to keep up with changing requirements, you too may need to upgrade your exhaust system -- a process that may require anything from a new emissions system or new muffler to a new ignition system or new catalytic converter.

In fact, the number one reason why most cars fail to pass smog is because of faulty catalytic converters. These particular Toyota exhaust parts are responsible for reducing hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides emissions. In use, the catalytic converter converts most of these elements into harmless carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water as it's passed into the air.

Even though the catalytic converter plays a significant role in reducing emissions, there are additional Toyota exhaust parts to investigate as well. The following list introduces a few common reasons why your car may not pass a smog test (aside from a faulty catalytic converter), and identifies the Toyota exhaust parts that will correct the problem. Compare this list with the information you receive from your test results and match any of these codes to the ones that appear on your report.

Code 12 for example indicates that your car's emissions control unit isn't getting the required "Ne" signal within 2 seconds of cranking the engine. It also indicates that this unit isn't getting a "G" signal when the engine's speed runs between 500-4000 rpm. To remedy this code, you may need to replace the car's distributor or distributor circuit, replace the ignition or ignition circuit, or replace the starter signal circuit.

Code 14 indicates that your car's emissions control unit isn't getting the required "IGF" signal. Replacing the car's ignition or ignition circuit may be necessary.

Code 21 indicates that there's a problem with the car's oxygen sensor circuit. Replacing it (or the entire emissions control unit itself) with a new one will eliminate this code.

Code 22 indicates that there's a short in the car's temperature sensor unit. Eliminate this code by replacing it with a new coolant temperature sensor or coolant temperature sensor circuit.

Code 25 indicates that there's a malfunction with the car's air to fuel ratio. The cause may be any one of a lengthy list of troubled areas including the injector or injector circuit, the oxygen sensor or the oxygen sensor circuit, the fuel line pressure, or the mass air-flow meter. This does not exclude however troubles occurring from the car's mass air-flow meter, cold start injector, or EBCV circuit and hose.

A damaged vehicle speed sensor or vehicle speed sensor circuit will fail to send the required "SPD" signal when the car's engine speed is over 2800 rpm. This problem is identified as Code 31. But if the emissions control unit fails to receive the required "STA" signal prior to reaching a speed of 800 rpm, there's something wrong with the start signal circuit, the ignition switch, or the emissions control unit's main relay. This particular failure is identified as Code 43.

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