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When It's Time For New Toyota Motor Parts

Your car's motor is what provides the power to move. Since the motor is built of so many intricate Toyota motor parts, diagnosing problems isn't always easy. In general, it's time for new Toyota motor parts when an existing motor backfires, erratically idles, lacks the power that it had when it was brand new, makes a pinging or knocking sound during acceleration, or misses when driving. Additional indications include when the motor stalls, starts - but then abruptly stops running, won't rotate when starting, won't shut off, or works without turning over. This article describes the symptoms of a failing motor and then points to specific Toyota motor parts that will help correct the problem.

No Turn Over

If your motor won't turn over when you try to start it, the problem might lie in a battery with loose or corroded cable terminals. The battery's discharge mechanism could be faulty as well. Disconnected wiring in the starting unit warrants not only another look at that battery, but also at the starter solenoid and ignition switch too. There are a couple more reasons why a motor may fail to turn over however that don't involve the battery, and they are an automatic transaxle that fails to fully engage in park or neutral, or a jammed pinion.

No Starting

If your motor does turn over, but it won't start, first make sure that you have gas in the car! Otherwise you may be facing a faulty carburetor or fuel injection system, a loose or corroded battery connections, or even a faulty fuel pump. Check for wet ignition components and spark plugs that are incorrectly gapped. If your distributor is loose, the ignition's timing will change and prevent starting as well.

Starting Without A Turnover

What about a motor that works without turning over? In this case, the starter pinion could be stuck or the flywheel's teeth are worn.

Hard-Start Cold and Hot Motors

Motors that are hard to start when cold may suffer from a low battery, a faulty fuel or electric system, or a damaged distributor rotor. The motor's choke control could be stuck or simply inoperative.

Of course if the motor is hard to start when hot, either the air filter is clogged or the car's gas isn't reaching the carburetor.


Backfiring could be the result of a number of things... one of them being a poorly functioning emissions system. But you may also want to look for faulty timing as well. That, and a vacuum leak at the carburetor, intake manifold, or vacuum hoses. If it's none of those things that are causing the backfiring, look for sticking valves.

Erratic Idling

For motors that idle erratically, look for the same vacuum leakage described above. Then check for leaking in the EGR valves, PCV valves, and head gaskets. See if the air filter is clogged and see if the fuel pump isn't delivering enough gas to the carburetor. Worn camshaft lobes will contribute to erratic idling as well.

Pinging and Knocking

A motor that makes a pinging or knocking sound during acceleration or while driving up a hill could literally suffer from a case of bad gas. However incorrect timing, the wrong kind of spark plugs, a damaged distributor, vacuum leaks, and a faulty emissions system could contribute to these unusual sound effects too.

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