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The Toyota MR2 or Midship Runabout, 2-seater is currently a 21 year old, two seat mid-engine, rear wheel drive sports car manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota is known for the longevity and reliability of automobile products and the MR2 is one of the best. Though production started in 1984, the car was conceptualized in 1976, when Toyota commenced a design project to come up with a car that is pleasurable to drive and yet offers a decent fuel economy. MR2’s existence was divided into four generations.

The first generation was an automobile outfitted with a transversely placed engine, in the middle of the car called SA-X. Coming from its base design, the SA-X was slowly transformed into a real sports car. The next car was the SV-3 and was a mid engine, rear wheel drive 2-seater. The second generation includes the AW11 which is a small, light, economical and practical car. It features a light body-shell, superior handling and a relatively powerful small displacement engine. This makes the vehicle fun to drive and mimics highly expensive super-cars and still is easy to control and quick in movements. The third generation MR2s were longer, wider and heavier with smooth bodylines. The fourth generation MR2s are the ones made presently such as the ZZW30. The car is smaller and the solid top is replaced by a convertible soft top. The MR2 is one of the most successful Toyota cars ever made.

Many dealers maintain a constantly updated inventory of Toyota MR2 parts and stock MR2 original equipment manufacturer parts. Equipped with high quality Toyota MR2 parts, including the powerful engines and lightweight body parts, the Toyota MR2 has impressed the world with its one of a kind performance. This car has exceptional qualities for the interior, exterior and down under the hood. Its VVT-i engine mounted in the middle and its limited slip differential offers a great ride when you move along curves. Its special mid-mounted engine provides exceptional balance and an outstanding power to weight ratio perfect for the ride.

The car has a sleek and aerodynamic body, dual bulb headlamps, sporty 16-in aluminum wheels and chrome tipped exhaust. The seats are comfortable and the driving is safe and enjoyable. The interior features a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, deluxe 3-in-1 AM/FM/ETR/Cassette/CD with four speakers. It also has defroster linked air conditioning. Powering this sports car is a 1.8L 4-cylinder VVT-i engine that delivers 138 horsepower at 6400 rpm and a torque of 125 lb-feet at 4400 rpm. Responsive handling is enhanced by its five-speed manual transmission with a friction-based clutch. A six speed sequential manual transmission is also available.

At some point of time your Toyota MR2 might need replacement parts. In such a case you need to get top quality parts that perfectly match this car’s exceptional performance, convenience and external features. Make sure that the parts are sourced from the most reliable auto part makers. This will keep you confident that you are using the most dependable parts for your replacement decision.

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