Toyota performance parts to enhance your vehicle's performance

If you're a Toyota owner, you may have considered purchasing Toyota performance parts to upgrade your vehicle's efficiency and design. The right parts can improve everything from speed to horsepower to fuel combustion.

Dependable, user-friendly, and easy to work on, Toyotas are prime candidates for upgrades. The list below is a brief sampling of available parts that can be purchased to enhance your vehicle's performance and make it into exactly what you need.

Air Intakes

Making certain changes to the air intake system of your car or truck can improve fuel atomization and combustion. Helix-shaped towers are designed to raise the throttle body in your engine, creating an air vortex, which can increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Air intake systems are generally designed so that they do not affect fuel emissions, meaning that they can be legally installed in all states; however, you should check the specifics on the performance part you are buying to make sure.

Not all air intake performance parts are designed for use with all Toyotas. Some may or may not be available for your particular model.


Supercharger Toyota performance parts are ideal for trucks that do a lot of towing or carrying heavy loads uphill. Superchargers pressurize the intake system of your vehicle, creating torque instantly even at low speeds and increasing your horsepower, sometimes dramatically.

Throttle Bodies

These Toyota performance parts increase fuel efficiency and torque by spinning incoming air into a vortex. The air then travels into the combustion chamber, resulting in a huge gain in mid-range power and engine efficiency. Throttle bodies work best on trucks and SUVs, and they are model-specific, so make sure to purchase the correct one for your vehicle. They can also be used in combination with an air intake system.

Energy Coils

The purpose of all Toyota performance parts is to improve the functioning of your vehicle, and energy coils focus on a very specific part of that process. Energy coils increase or decrease spark energy based on the demands of the engine. This saves wear and tear on your engine and dramatically improves overall efficiency.

CD Ignitions

More sparks per combustion cycle help extract more energy from your fuel. CD Ignitions are multi-purpose Toyota performance parts that increase horsepower and fuel efficiency. They spark continuously through crankshaft rotation to burn the entire air/fuel mixture, resulting in a smoother-running engine and improved throttle response.

Buying Toyota performance parts is a simple way to upgrade your vehicle to suit your needs and surpass your expectations. If you're attached to your Toyota but it isn't performing the way you need it to, consider performance parts to improve its functioning and increase your satisfaction.

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