Toyota Pickup parts

Toyota Pickup Parts

The debate over which kind of car parts are better performing than others is generally a debate among car owners. When it comes to trucks however, very few people would argue against the fact that these types of vehicles demand very specific parts for very specific reasons. Consider the typical use of the truck for example. Trucks haul heavy materials, they drive along rugged terrain, and they do both of these things in even the most adverse weather. These uses alone give durability a whole new meaning and Toyota Pickup Parts are certainly built to fill the bill.

One of the most significant Toyota Pickup Parts is the drive train. This power train contains the clutch, driveline and axle that enable pickups to move heavy loads. And because a truck can carry loads that weigh up to a ton or more, it has to be strong enough and stable enough to prevent slipping. This article will introduce symptoms of a problematic manual axle and then suggest the appropriate Toyota Pickup Parts required to fix it.

Neutral Noise

If you notice that your truck is noisy while it's in neutral, there could be one of four distinct causes -- three of which require a close look at your bearings. The first thing you should then check is your input shaft bearing. See if it's worn. If not, check to see if the main drive gear bearing is damaged. Worn countershaft bearings will cause this noise as well, but if none of the above problems exist, the noise is caused by damaged countershaft end play shims.

Single-Gear Noise

In most cases, a truck that's noisy in just one gear has a gear with damaged teeth. If the gear's teeth appears fine, then that gear's synchronizer is damaged.

All-Gear Noise

Trucks that are noisy in all gears may either suffer from one of the problems introduced by neutral noise above, or the gears simply need additional lubrication.

High Gear Slips

To identify the cause behind high gear slips, check to see if the truck's axle is loose on the clutch housing. If not, the shift cables (if they're free-moving) might be interfering with the truck's engine mounts or the clutch lever. Dirt between the axle case and engine will cause slipping and it's a common cause of gear slipping in dusty working environments. If none of these problems are evident, verify that the axle is aligned properly and that the truck's linkage in adjusted correctly.

Engaging Problems

Gears that are hard to engage could be the result of a clutch that isn't completely releasing or its the result of a damaged shift linkage.

Leaking Gears

Oil leakage is almost always the cause of too much axle lubricant or the need to replace the axle oil seal.

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