Toyota Racing Parts Buyer's Guide


Toyota is a company that stands apart from the crowd by its purpose, philosophy and heritage. Let us look at Toyota. The first car was built in 1935. Before Toyota Racing Development, TRD was known as Toyota Sports Corner. This built Toyota’s first performance engines for the Celica and Corolla, and provided the Japanese domestic market with performance parts. This enabled Toyota to compete against its rivals. In the mid 70’s the company was called Toyota Racing Development. TRD parts began making their way into the hands of Toyota enthusiasts in the United States. Earlier TRD parts came directly from Japan. Toyota then established TRD USA in Southern California.

TRD helped Toyota expand its racing and performance development beyond Japan. Today TRD designs and builds engines and race cars. This is in addition to manufacturing and marketing performance aftermarket parts for many Toyota street vehicles. Put simply, from dirt tracks to super speedways to on-the-street performance TRD continues to excel and develop new cutting edge technology for a wide range of automobiles.

In the world of high performance small changes can make a big difference both on the race track and on the street. Winning is often determined by subtle differences in chassis and suspension design and specific set-ups tuned for the particular race track that day. Exploring new levels of technology, TRD partnered with a virtual laboratory to develop a specialized motor-sports simulation package. This package has revolutionized racing by developing vehicles that are faster and safer than ever before.

Racing teams get a competitive advantage from the superior design of the chassis structure and, the best set-ups of vehicle suspension and other systems for each race to account for variations in the track, weather conditions, tires and drivers. Virtual labs have enabled efficient design, analysis and optimization of the racing parts used in your Toyota. TRD is a world-class race engine and performance parts shop. It employs highly skilled designers, engineers, engine builders and technicians committed to building parts and accessories, that enhance your Toyota ownership experience.

The Toyota racing parts include superchargers, engine and driveline, accessories, exhaust, brakes, wheels, chassis and suspension, and filters. The parts you buy need to be backed by a warranty. You can look around at catalogs for the most current information on Toyota racing parts, accessories and pictures. You can also buy Toyota motor-sports merchandise like apparel, hats and accessories, collectibles and memorabilia, and all kinds of goods. Any Toyota will deliver a high quality performance. However if you wish to upgrade your Toyota performance to extraordinary levels, you can do so by using Toyota racing parts. With racing parts installed your vehicle will work to an exceptional extent. When you use Toyota racing parts it is your responsibility to keep the parts in shape all the time. You will find a wide range of racing parts on online sites at affordable rates. You can browse through catalogs to find the parts you want.

With Toyota racing parts your Toyota will work like a dream machine.

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