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When It's Time For New Toyota Suspension Parts

Your car's steering and suspension system is responsible for car control and riding comfort. When this part of your car becomes problematic, it's usually the result of an issue that developed gradually. Don't follow this pattern when your suspension needs repair - fix problems immediately. In general, it's time for new Toyota suspension parts when an existing suspension and steering system continuously pulls a car to one side, demonstrates stiff steering, shakes or vibrates the car, and wears out the car's tires before their time. This article will explain these problems in more detail and describe the new Toyota suspension parts that will help correct them.

Side Pulling

When the vehicle pulls to one side, you may be facing a problem with the tire, steering , front end, and/or the brake Toyota Suspension Parts. Uneven tire pressure or outright defective tires could also be the culprit and since it's a relatively easy problem to fix, it should be checked first. If the tires seem fine, the whole suspension or steering component may have been worn before its time. If not, the problem could indicate that the front end could need realigning. Check the front breaks as well to ensure they're not dragging.

A Shaking Vibration

A vehicle that shakes or vibrates while in use may suffer from unbalanced tires, but rear wheel bearings that are loose, worn out, or out-of-adjustment can contribute to the shaking as well. In many cases, shaking is the result of worn out or damaged shock absorbers.

Steering Effort

If the vehicle requires a lot of effort to steer, there may not be enough fluid in the car's power steering fluid reservoir -- the tire pressure may be off -- or the front end may be out of alignment.

Steering Play

When it seems as if steering is loose, or there's a lot of 'play' within your guidance and the car's response, the steering gearbox is damaged or the entire suspension system is worn.

Steering Absence

If you don't seem to get much help from the car's power steering function while driving, the steering pump drivebelt is defective or it needs readjusting. It could also however, simply indicate a low fuel level.

Frequent Tire Replacement

Having to constantly replace your tires is a definite sign of a troubled suspension system and is typically the cause of driving with the wrong tire pressure, unbalanced tires, or damaged wheels. A worn suspension system will also contribute to excessive tire problems as well. So inspecting the tires is a good way to determine specific problems -- especially since the exact point of damage can pin point the area that's damaging them.

Inflated tire pressure or a front-end that needs realignment for example will wear out the *outer edges* of your tires. Coupled with loose or damaged steering components, it will wear out the *inside edges* of your tires. If you notice that your tire tread is worn out in only one place, all the tires may be out of balance or the affected tires may be defective themselves.

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