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The Toyota Tercel is a long reigning entry level subcompact vehicle model, the smallest subcompact vehicle the company has produced. The Toyota Tercel is a front wheel drive car manufactured and sold by Toyota for about 20 years. This vehicle is loved by many because of its simplicity, reliability and fuel efficiency. Today the car continues to rank high in the most preferred used car. Its performance is a proof that the Toyota Tercel is equipped not only with high quality and high performance parts, but also parts that are designed to last.

Toyota Tercel Parts

The name Tercel is the Latin word for one-third, and a fast flying member of the falcon family. The Tercel is a small car that generates a powerful performance. It was the first front wheel drive vehicle ever produced by the automaker. The vehicle was named Corolla Tercel, intended for the Corolla image that is known for quality and durability in order to make buyers select this product. Tercel’s front wheel drive design ensured that the vehicle delivers maximum interior space in a small package. Originally the Tercel was sold as either as a two door coupe or a three door hatchback, both powered by a 1.5-liter single overhead cam four cylinder engine producing a 60 horsepower. Available transmissions are four or five speed manual or three speed automatic.

By the year 1981, it had a new 62-horsepower engine for improved drivability and lower emissions, and body style choices increased together with the addition of a four door sedan. After that the Tercel had a full redesign including body, style and interior changes. Toyota Tercel became available in three or five door hatchback models or a five door station wagon offered with either front or four wheel drive. The fourth generation Toyota Tercel exercised a completely fresh aerodynamic shape. It became available as either a two door coupe or a four door sedan, and was powered by a further enhanced version of its 1.5 liter engine producing 82 horsepower.

The fifth and concluding generation Tercel has retained its compact packaging and high quality. The new Tercel showcases a full exterior redesign of a sporty image and improved visibility, roominess and ergonomics. This is matched to a new engine that delivers improved performance and fuel efficiency. The Tercel exhibits benchmark craftsmanship, consistency and value. It has several new features such as standard dual airbags, a more powerful and fuel efficient 16-valve engine, with increased serviceability that make the Tercel popular.

With regard to your small package vehicle but with definitely good value, you should use excellent and high quality Toyota Tercel parts. The parts are manufactured to attain optimum performance, durability and reliability. Use the right parts and your vehicle will be running for a longer time. Make sure that the dealer carries the entire range of inventory that is constantly updated. Original equipment parts would be a right choice. You could browse through online catalogs to find the part you want. Finally, you could use your dealer’s customer service hotline for all concerns.

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